Discover How Action Inspires Motivation

A lot of people that are looking for motivation tend to expect someone or something, to come their way to inspire and motivate them. These are the people that are continually saying they are not motivated; they hang around taking no action and expecting to be motivated.

The Universe feeds all the birds in the world, but what it does not do is drop the food in their nests. You want something? Go get it! ― Clyde Lee Dennis

Have you ever hung around, waiting for inspiration to strike? Maybe you had work hard to complete that task that required a little more creative thinking, but you were not feeling it. You might have even tried various things at the time to find motivation – maybe in scanning Social Media for ideas. Or perhaps you looked for inspiration in nature, by taking a walk.

Did it work? Chances are, you might have found a dash of motivation wrapped up in inspiration and it might have launched you – for about ten minutes or a little more. And then you were back to feeling unmotivated, but now that feeling was coupled with the idea that maybe you just were not capable of creativity. Or lazy.

The problem is, by seeking out motivation first, you are putting the cart before the horse.

Motivation works best when it comes after the action has already started. If that is the case, then what can you do to get motivated?


  1. Start by doing something.

Do anything. Any action itself inspires motion. How do you do that? By using the momentum of a project that you are already engaged in, you can use your current forward motion to encourage you to keep going. It is the difference between the ‘carrot’ and the ‘stick.’

In the old classic analogy, to move a donkey forward (donkeys being stubborn creatures) you have two choices. One is to use a stick. In this case, the ‘stick’ is the old way of motivating ourselves, where we try to force ourselves into action by throwing a lot of “You must do this now” statements at ourselves.

But in starting action first, we now switch over to the ‘carrot’ or the reward. This method of motivation is much more positive because you’re looking at the fact that you’re already doing something and asking yourself to keep going. Think, “Hooray for you; look at how much you’ve gotten done today. Let’s see how much more you can do!”

The problem is, sometimes action alone isn’t doing it, and we’re still forcing ourselves along. That is where the second method comes into play.


  1. Act’ As-if”

The idea behind this method is simple – you act like you’re already motivated, and amazingly, you’ll feel motivated. It’s kind of like making yourself smile when you’re not happy, only to find out once you’re smiling that you’re feeling more satisfied.

Action is all that is needed to inspire the motivation we often seek Just keep going, and you will become your source of inspiration that will lead to your motivation. Action is within your control; by stepping out and doing something, you will draw success towards you, and then failure pushes further away from you.

Together, the above two tips will motivate you even when you’re not feeling inspired initially. Remember that action is the key. So act first – the motivation will follow. You’ll be amazed at the difference.


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