Discover How To Gain Recognition without Compromising Your Morals

Recognition without Compromising Your Morals

Desiring to be liked by everyone is not an uncommon thing. Right down within ourselves, we all desire to be liked – if not by all, at least by most people. However, must you try to gain recognition of people by compromising your morals?

As an individual, I believe you have your personal moral code, your values and I’m not talking about those morals imposed on you but those personal ethical beliefs that can almost make you feel that you cease to be your ‘dignified’ self when you trade it…

Unfortunately, many are pressured into a position where they feel they have no option but to relinquish their personal moral code for the sake of gaining the status they seek. That should not be your case! Whenever you compromise your morals you are actually chipping away at your own conscience… you are destroying yourself from within. The end consequences would be feelings of guilt, regret, self-loathing and inadequacy.

If you want to stand out in the crowd in a positive way, there are a few adjustments you can make that will help you gain recognition without compromising your morals

The following guidelines can help you become popular with your morals intact:

 1.  Tell the truth kindly.

Others appreciate when you’re honest. However, the way you say things matters greatly.

  • If someone has done something offensive, you can point it out in a subtle way. Avoid making declarations in a crowd.
  • It sometimes helps if you state your concern as a question to the other person. Give them the chance to figure out what you want to reveal to them. They’ll appreciate you even more.

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2.  Develop a well-rounded knowledge base.

The more things you know, the more easily you’ll fit into crowds. Having factual feedback makes you a point of interest and a “go-to” person for others.

  • Be careful to avoid sounding like a know-it-all. People can feel intimidated by that slightly arrogant approach.
  • Although you want to be likeable, gain the additional knowledge for yourself. Being well-rounded makes you a more marketable person. Other opportunities can come your way as well.

3.  Volunteer your assistance.

When you take the time to offer your help, it shows that you’re interested. Whether in a personal or professional circle, volunteering your assistance leaves a mark in the minds of others and makes you more likeable.

  • Avoid being too pushy, as if craving attention. Make a subtle announcement of your capabilities and willingness to help.
  • Sometimes, providing assistance without being asked can be amazing. Just be sure to not intrude on others, as it can sometimes be viewed as offensive. Instead, point out that you recognized a need and decided to offer your assistance.

4.  Solicit the feedback of others.

Let them know you value their opinion. Whether good or bad, people like to feel important! Without being too frivolous with the approach, get some real help when you need it.

  • Let’s say you have a presentation to do. If you know a particular co-worker is good at presentations, ask them to rate the one you prepared. Take the feedback constructively, and say thanks at the end.
  • When you ask someone for help it shows that you recognize their strengths and it’s a great start to fostering a positive relationship.

As you follow the tips, you’ll begin to notice that gaining recognition is not about just doing whatever others want to do and going along with the crowd.  Rather than gaining a lasting and enjoyable popularity, following the crowd could, indeed, bring challenges to your moral code. As an alternative, develop yourself as a person by enhancing your personable nature and you then you can expect superior recognition in return.

Recognition is not just about people liking you; it has more to do with the value you carry. When you work towards enhancing your positive qualities and helping others to feel good about themselves, you’ll shine in any crowd. Your values will be easily recognized… and as you are the carrier of such valuable values… you’ll be recognized and your goal of recognition without compromising your morals would be easily achieved!

So, have you ever compromised your morals, values or beliefs for recognition or to gain popularity? What’s your opinion about this topic? Love to hear from you…. please share your thoughts below. ….please do share the love and share this post. I love you all!! :D

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