Discover How the Power of Forgiveness Can Assure You Greater Happiness

The Power of Forgiveness Creates A Path To Blissful Lifestyle

Never under estimate the power of forgiveness! The book of Jeremiah in the bible states that “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked:” to me, this implies that as long as you are alive, you will at some point in life experience the wickedness of people. To put it bluntly …people can be ruthless. People say and do the most callous and hurtful things. The fact that you are reading this article, you are probably like me; you’ve had to endure human cruelty, and deep down within you, you’re very furious and so much resent the person or persons that have offended you. The word ‘FORGIVENESS’ does not even exist in your vocabulary right now.

You may be surprised to learn this, but, if you are looking to permanently get over the anger and hurt, forgiveness is the quickest and most lasting way to do so!

How can you possibly forgive someone that has caused you so much pain and anguish? Well, I want you to know that anger is very draining… it zaps so much energy out of you and it’s like giving power to your offenders because anger and unforgiveness are diseases that can eat you away quietly.

Believe me, you can forgive! Don’t get me wrong… it is not always an easy task but once you make up your mind to let go, then you are on the right and easier path of the journey to forgiveness. Forgiving someone is not about what that person has done to you but about you taking back what is rightfully yours – PEACE and HAPPINESS. Yes, the power of forgiveness breeds joy and happiness

Below are some effective strategies to help you achieve true forgiveness and gain peace:

1. Tackle the issue.

It’s very easy to want to block negative situations out of your consciousness. However, blocking an unfavourable situation is not going to make it go away, as you’re just covering it up…sooner or later something will expose it and then you’ll realize that the approach only causes more anger than you never knew was there!

  • Take a hard look at the issue. Say aloud, “This happened to me.” Doing that may cause some of the feelings to resurface. But when you’re done crying, you’ll likely be free from tears going forward.
  • What happened was a thing of the past. It happened, and you’re still here to tell the tale. Is it really worth affecting your peace of mind? It’s time to move on with your life!

2.  Reflect on your involvement.

Perhaps you didn’t consciously trigger a reaction from the other person. But there could very well be something that affected them. They just chose to address it in an unhealthy and unhelpful way!

  • It’s really not about playing the blame game. One human being has no right to offend or hurt another. If you were offended, take a look in the mirror before deciding how to deal with it. You’ll likely recall scenarios where you may have wronged someone as well!

3. Put yourself in the offender’s shoes.

Consider how it must feel for the person who now realizes that they hurt you considerably. After the initial emotion passes, they start to feel regret for their actions.

  • It’s always a good idea to try and switch roles. See it from their viewpoint. If you’re yearning for someone’s forgiveness, you’ll likely rejoice when you finally get it.

4.  Consider the impact of anger on your life.

When you hold on to the anger and resentment, it starts to eat away at you. Whether or not you know it, your happiness ends up being a fraction of what it could be. Anger negatively affects your quality of life!

  • Do you find yourself being short-tempered with loved ones and friends? You may feel your reaction is justified. But if you think about it, you might see that you overreacted.
  • Take some time to consider why you’re so angry or maybe sad. Grudges almost always bring and sustain negative emotions that can affect you long-term.

Once you try these approaches, you’ll experience the power of forgiveness; the benefits of forgiving those who offended you outweigh remaining offended. You’ll see how useless it is to allow the negative emotions of holding on to your hurts to drag down your quality of life. In fact, you’ll likely want to go back and forgive everyone who has ever hurt you!

Learn to freely forgive others and give your mind the rest it deserves for a peaceful, truly happy life. Remember, when you truly forgive someone, you are not doing them a favour but yourself; you’re taking back the key to your joy, peace and happiness. For as long as you remain in unforgiveness, you’re allowing your offender to keep the key to your happiness. Take back your key today and start creating an avenue for a blissful lifestyle.

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