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Course Description

So many of us were brought up to put other people’s needs before our own; the fact that you can choose you and put yourself first was a no-no. Were you told to think of others first? Perhaps you were even told that you were selfish, self-centred, or greedy when you choose you or if you didn’t put others before yourself. Women, in particular, are taught that their primary role should be looking after their family, friends, colleagues – anyone but themselves!

But selflessness is not next to saintliness – it’s a one-way street to burnout and stress! If you have absorbed the lesson of selflessness for your whole life, you might need some convincing that putting yourself first for a change will not make you a Bad Person. In this course, you will learn some good reasons why you need to choose you; putting yourself first and how to build your personal boundaries without hurting your loved ones.

Key concepts covered in Choose You Course include:

  • Healthy Personal Boundaries
  • How to Create Your Boundaries
  • How to Say “No”
  • Why Self-Care is Important
  • Treating Yourself

Putting yourself first is not an optional extra! It is essential to avoid burnout and keep yourself happy and healthy. And putting yourself first does not mean you disregard the people you care about in your life. On the contrary, putting yourself first gets you in much better shape for having positive, mutually-supportive relationships with your partner, family, friends, and colleagues. 

In this course you will get access to:

  • Online video tutorials
  • Downloadable manuals
  • Worksheets
  • A discount for our premium online classes.

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