Affirmation: Saying sorry to someone I hurt makes me a more humble person

Saying Sorry When We Are In The Wrong…

Nobody is above mistake, we all at one time or the other make them. Sometimes, we say or do things that hurt people around us. What kind of life can one live, when you look away knowing very well you have inflicted pains on another. Saying sorry may be a difficult word for some to say, however, being sorry is the highest act of selfishness; seeing value only after discarding it.


I am conscious of the impact my words and actions have on someone else, so I am quick to apologize when I know I have hurt them. I attempt to stay in tune with my own innermost emotions, in order to stay on track with the emotions of others.

I accept that even with our distinct differences, we all have undeniable similarities.

When I apologize to someone, I am humbled by remembering that my life has the same worth to the Creator as theirs. I step back and realize that my lofty idea of being superior to others is all in my mind because we are all created equal, with the same human sensibilities.

Apologizing to someone allows me to stop and take a look at their character and the unique qualities that make them special.

I quickly acknowledge their right to be treated equally and fairly, regardless of their background, achievements, or social standing.

Today, I vow to stay true to my character and allow my morals to remind me how important it is to treat people with respect. I commit to apologizing as soon as I realize I have offended someone.

I embrace the opportunity to make amends and seek humility in these situations.

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. Do I expect others to apologize when they know they have offended me?
  2. Do I stay true to my belief that I should always apologize to others, even when I know that their actions were out of line?
  3. When I apologize, do I allow it to strengthen my relationship with the other person?

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