Affirmation: Being assertive when necessary brings me peace of mind

When challenges occur, I consider my options. I jot down my possible reactions. Then, I select the choice that is best for me. I take action assertively. I am empowered in my life because I am assertive.

Working with others might foster trials and complex situations, but I know I can handle them. I believe that if I assertively follow through with steps to resolve issues with others, I am doing everything possible to reach an understanding.

While shopping in a store or dining in a restaurant, I sometimes encounter situations that initially vex me. Yet, I know that I can speak up for myself in an appropriate way to bring the challenging situation to a positive conclusion.

I can refrain from expending my energy on worrying because I am assertive when it is necessary.

Each day when I arise, I make a conscious decision to approach the day with assertiveness and strength of character.

Today, I vow to notice how I respond when I want or need something. I commit to getting the results I desire. I recognize that I must be assertive in order to feel calm and settled about any situation.

I enjoy the peace of mind I experience from being assertive.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I avoid being assertive or do I step up and speak my mind?
2. How do I feel when I truly open up and state my wants and needs to others?
3. Is it important for me to have peace of mind after a challenging situation occurs? If so, what can I do to assert myself the next time such a situation arises?

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