Affirmation: Articulating my true feelings comes easily for me

Articulating My True Feelings

Sometimes we let people step and ride on us by not truly expressing how we feel… Letting other people know your genuine feelings is very much the obvious way to go in life. You can not achieve or enjoy living your life purpose if people don’t really know the real you.

Others can only know how I feel when I express my emotions in ways they can hear and comprehend.

Also, it is important for me to share the truth about what I am going through because I want others to understand me. I have discovered that no-one actually knows “the real me” unless of course I freely express the way I feel to others.

When I experience positive emotions, it is easy to share them with others. Feelings such as happiness, satisfaction, enjoyment, pleasure, and optimism are emotions that I think others are interested in hearing about. And it makes me happy to share these feelings each day.

Even though it can be hard for some individuals to hear me talk about significantly less positive feelings, like dissatisfaction, sorrow, and sadness, I am aware it is necessary for me to inform them of my current state of mind. So, I use care and appropriate tone of voice to convey feelings of this nature.

In the long run, others can feel happier about our relationship whenever I display integrity and diplomacy in revealing my less positive emotions.

Today, I vow to keep others appraised of my feelings. Articulating my true feelings helps ensure I stay associated with individuals in genuinely helpful ways. I value my ability to communicate my emotions to others. I strive to be a reliable, caring friend as well as an open, honest associate. Talking about my feelings freely is extremely important to me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I honestly express my true feelings?

2. How do I share my true emotions with others? Is it easy or difficult for me to do so?

3. What actions should I take to make certain I openly communicate my true feelings to other people?

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