I strongly believe that each one of us is here on this planet earth for a particular reason. My question to you is that, have you figured out why you are here? What your life purpose is? Are you living your life on purpose? If you do not have a clearly defined purpose, I recommend you to take time to find it and begin to live it because indeed life purpose matters!

There is no better time than right NOW to start finding out what must be changed in order for you to live a life of purpose – the life you deserve….the one you were meant to live!  You have a very unique gift and talents that come naturally for you. There are actives you are passonate about; they bring you inner joy and peace. This is your gift to the world and so, you will do well by showcasing it and impacting lives! 

What if I can help you discover that thing inside of you, your life purpose? ….also show you key steps to becoming financially independent through sharing your gifts with the world – living your life purpose?

Just like many other women, it was a devastating financial crisis that gave me a personal wake-up call; a wake-up call that eventually lead to the birth this website.

Remi Badozi

Founder and Creator of Life Purpose Matters

My name is Remi Badozi; I am a wife, mother, worshipper, founder and creator of Life Purpose Matters. I write, teach and coach with the ultimate aim of empowering women to identify their life purpose and become financially independent as they build a business around their purpose leveraging the power of the internet.

My own personal journey to finding my life purpose and becoming financially independent, as well as my extensive research with women who are living their purpose, are financially sound and very successful has given me a unique perspective as a leading authority on women and wealth.

This site has been created specifically for women – men will find it quite resourceful too! The aim is to allow you, our readers to learn ways to improve your weaknesses as a person and allowing yourself to gain true happiness in life.  Such happiness comes from truly living your life purpose.

Women, let’s admit it….we are very emotional speeches, it is the way the Almighty created us – perfect and for a purpose too! Though emotional,  we are very strong! Sometimes, we allow our emotions to get the better of us and in so doing, we allow certain unhealthy issues into our lives. Issues that stop us living our lives to the fullest and generally enjoying every aspect of womanhood.

On this site, we hope to bring you resources that will help rid of these issues and help us make changes where needed as we pursue our life purpose and be more passionate about who we really are.

I have come to realise that when a woman is passionate about something…..there’s nothing that can stop her! Therefore, as a woman, by aligning your passion with your life purpose and applying your talents in service of your mission, you will indeed find fulfillment and truly become unstoppable!

Are you feeling lost and stuck with what to do with your life? Are you chasing your ideal life but always end up falling short? Are you stuck in a day-to-day routine that leaves you feeling empty inside? You know deep down within you that there is more to you than you are living right now.

You see, until you unlock your purpose, that sense of emptiness may never go away. Finding your life purpose can sometimes be a lengthy process for some people and for others, it’s as quick as a flash of light.

If you desire to find or redefine your purpose, you have come to the right place. One quick tip I like to share is based on my own experience and that is to look in your past pain. Don’t get me wrong, life purpose does not have to appear from pain, however, it is usually a good starting point.

So what has been the hardest obstacle you overcame in your life? Can you imagine the kind of impact sharing your story with someone…may be with two people…or the world?

“In our deepest pain, lies our highest purpose.”

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