8 Easily Adoptable Strategies to Motivate Your Children

As a mother to three wonderful girls, I’m sure most mothers will agree with me that our children are one of the most important and precious people in our lives. I always want the best for them and always hope they strive to do well in all things. As sweet and precious these children are to us, just like adults, they too can develop motivational roadblocks that can easily hold them back from achieving what they’re meant to do including living their life purpose.

Sometimes I find myself yearning for the good old days without the so much advanced technology! But guess what? We’ve certainly come too far to go back now! Thanks to the inception of the internet, television, video games, and social networking, I have found that motivating my children has gotten progressively more difficult. Getting them to complete schoolwork, do some chores around the house, get more involved with school activities, or even just go outside to get some fresh air can be a struggle.

I’m sure as a mother you often feel the same?  Well, there’s hope!

Here are some simple strategies you can use to help you motivate your children:

1. Praise your child for their accomplishments.

When your child accomplishes something, no matter how big or small, be sure to express how proud you are of them. If they know that they’ve made you happy, they’re more apt to strive to make that happen again.

2. Avoid focusing on the negative.

We all make mistakes, so it’s much more productive not to harp on them. You’ll receive much better results by focusing on what your child does well rather than the few mistakes they may make. As long as they got to the point that they realize what they did was wrong…. then it’s time to let that be! And look for a more positive thing to focus on.

3. Show pride in your child’s work.

Display a good grade or report card. Placing their work on the refrigerator door, believe it or not, still works wonders! When a child’s accomplishments are proudly displayed, he/she will be motivated to achieve as much as they possibly can.

4. Brag.

Call a grandparent, aunt, or uncle and tell them about your child’s recent accomplishment. When your child sees that you take the time to make a special phone call because you’re so proud, it encourages them and boosts their confidence.

5. Use rewards.

Every child likes to be rewarded for good work. You can try things like a weekly allowance or a special treat, like a movie or ice cream, as a reward for good behavior. Whatever the reward, children will strive to do their best to obtain these special treats.

  • This can be used for just about anything from a good grade to washing the family dog. Children enjoy being able to receive something tangible for a job well done.

6. Show sincere enthusiasm in the things your child enjoys.

As a child grows, his interests may change frequently. As a parent, it’s important that you keep up with your child’s likes and dislikes.

7. Sit down and talk with your child.

Find out why they’re interested in certain things and how you can help them with their activities. If you show sincerity and really listen to what they’re telling you, it’ll be a big motivating factor.

8. Don’t overwhelm your child with goals.

Naturally, we want our children to succeed, but sometimes we can overdo it. After the homework, chores, and after-school activities, children deserve time to just be children.

  • If you give them some free time to do what they want, whether it is playing video games, watching television, or anything else they choose, it will keep them motivated to do other things as well.

Children are our heritage and we owe it to them to guide them into building a life better than we ever lived. Each child is a unique individual and has different interests and goals in life; however, they all  deserve the chance to live their best life. Though at times their motivation may waiver, we, as parents, will be there to point them in the right direction. Using these motivation tips will make that process just a little bit easier!

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