5 Reasons Why Making Progress Appears to Be Beyond Reach


Making progress is no doubt everyone’s desire. However, life can sometimes be challenging, particularly when you are aware that you could be achieving so much more than you are right now. Maybe you’re the intellectual, outgoing and gifted type of person, nonetheless making progress in your life seems to be far-fetched. Now, don’t mix up your ability with outcomes. Regardless of how gifted and well-endowed you may be, you still need to take necessary actions to get the results you desire; using your time wisely and with unwavering determination to make progress.

One of the realities of life is that, you have no total control over anyone but yourself. Therefore, only you can put your struggles under your control. This is indeed great and clearly achievable if you put your mind to it because you can change anything you control.

You can start making progress in life by doing away with these mistakes:

 1. Not sure what you want

When you go into a restaurant, the waitress will expect you to eventually tell her what you will like to eat, else you go hungry. Life in entirety is exactly like this scenario. Perhaps you are having difficulties selecting between a career as a nursery nurse or a primary school teacher. The truth is that if you do not decide between becoming a nursery nurse or a primary school teacher or even something else, you could end up emptying other people’s rubbish for a living. 

  • Making a choice is more important than making the perfect choice. Evaluate your choices and be courageous in hammering the nail on its head. Decide on something.


2. Changing your mind too frequently

Visualize this… you left home in London with the intention of driving up south to Glasgow in Scotland for the weekend. However, having driven over 300 miles, you changed your mind and decided to drive to Swansea in Wales and so you turned around. Over 400 miles later, you change your mind and decide you want to fly to Spain from London City Airport in East London.

  • You’re then driving pass your house when you realized that you don’t quite have enough vacation time left to fly to Spain, spend a couple of days, and fly back home.
  • You’re a very busy and hardworking individual, however, you change your mind too frequently to attain much. Now, not only are you worn out, you’re exactly where you started too.
  • It’s vital you decide a course of action for your life and stay focus on your course.


3. Do you spend your time effectively?

It is said that; an office worker spends nothing more than 25% of their time at work doing anything of value for their employer. Having said that, how much of your time do you spend in developing your life?

  • Are you aware of how much time you waste each day? Consider these acts… playing on your phone, watching TV, surfing the internet, daydreaming, worrying, and hanging out with people who speak negatively will never help anyone with intention of making progress in life.
  • Time is a great equalizer. The way you can spend your time, determines how well you’ll progress in life. I cannot think of any easily available resource that matters as much as your time… even the freely available air we breathe requires time. Value your time. Do an audit of your time spending by recording how you spend your time every 30 minutes for a week. You will be alarmed by how much time you waste each day.


4. Giving up too easily

Ever heard of the saying… “Good things take time”? If you want to lose 50 pounds or become a millionaire, you’ll need time for the dream to become your reality. Making progress in your life requires time and determination. Undoubtedly challenges will come along the way to making progress in life. Nevertheless, persistence and determination are essential. Endure and keep going.


5. Not managing your negative emotions well 

Emotions such as frustration, fear, boredom, anxiety, and impatience are common to us all as humans. This is particularly so when you’re trying to accomplish something defying such ad making progress in life.

  • Mastering yourself is the ultimate pathway to mastering life. If you know what you want, the only true obstacle you have is yourself. Everything else is easy if you can control yourself.

Regardless of how long you have felt stuck in a rut, begin today on a journey to making meaningful progress in your life. Identify how you have been part of the cause to your own struggles, decide how to make amends and stick with that decision. Making progress requires spending every day efficiently. If you persevere and manage yourself effectively, you can accomplish anything in life.


About the author: A wife, mother, worshiper, writer and a business woman of integrity. An advocate for life purpose and passionate about women living their lives to the fullest and on purpose – making impact… having fun whilst earning a living. Remi Badozi is a life purpose coach who empowers women to live purposeful and leverage the power of the internet. Founder and creator of Life Purpose Matters.

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