Find Purpose and Meaning in Life


Find Purpose and Meaning in Life If you ask the average person if their life has purpose and meaning, you’re likely to only receive a few nods. People really do lead lives of quiet desperation. It’s common to feel dissatisfied with life and to believe that your life lacks purpose and meaning. This doesn’t have… Read More

5 Steps to Find Your Passion


Living your best life is your birth right as we’re all here on earth for a purpose. When you find your passion, and start living it, your purpose will come alive. I’ve come across quite a few people that believed they have no passion, but seriously that is far from the truth. We all have passion but routinely because we’re too busy living a life that please others or make other people more comfortable, what matters to us gets pushed aside and eventually forgotten. To live your best life, you need to find your passion and follow it.

5 Sound Reasons Why Life Purpose Matters

It’s easy for someone who’s living a purpose driven life to understand why life purpose matters because they are reaping the benefits. For someone who just wakes up every single day and takes whatever is thrown at them, they are not enjoying a fulfilled life but a life of just getting by. Finding and living… Read More