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Life Purpose Matters

How to Get the Most out of Each Day by Living Your Life on Purpose

life on purpose

Do you sometimes feel like you live your life just to fulfil all righteousness by just going through the motions? One day deplete into the next and before you know it, years had passed and you wonder where the time went. Having passion and living your life on purpose is what can help you get out of your routine and start enjoying…

Finding Your Life Purpose


Life purpose is basically the reason why you are here on earth. Many are fortunate to find or define their purpose earlier in the journey of life whilst some are still struggling to work out their why. Do you have a why in your life? Can you define your purpose? Your life purpose is a reason that keeps you motivated and helps…

Improve Your Self Awareness To Become Your Best Self

 How Self Awareness Can Help Bring Out Your Greatness Self Awareness is an ability to have a clear perception of who you truly are as an individual that is different from other individuals and the environment – your personality. Your personality incorporates your beliefs, what motivates you, strengths, weaknesses and emotions. When you are self-aware, you have an upper hand of understanding people around…

Personal Development: Advice On Becoming Who You Were Meant To Be


True Success Comes With Living One’s Life Purpose! Everyone wants to improve their life, and we all face struggles from time to time that makes achieving improvement difficult to do. When we are facing those struggles, it can feel impossible to know where to turn. It can also be challenging to know what steps can make a positive impact on our lives….

Affirmation: I contribute to the lives of others each day.

Contributing to others

Living Life On Purpose… Contribute To Others’ Life.  “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson I totally agree with the above quote – either you impact peoples’ lives in a good way or otherwise, people will remember you. They will continue to talk about you and your deeds even when you have…