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Life Purpose Matters

Whatever Happened To Your Childhood Dreams?


Do you remember those dreams you had when you were a child? Those dreams that focused around what you would like to become when you grew up. Now, tell me…are you living those dreams? Part of the dreams? Did you even act on those dreams or have they been pushed aside somewhere that you no longer remember? Are they at the bottom…

Dream The Impossible Dream And Make It Happen!


Life Purpose Matters – Dream The Impossible Dream Absolutely everyone at some time of their life has imagined becoming someone unique – a person of significance. Show me that person that has never fantasised about becoming the individual that strikes great hit over and over? Who hasn’t dreamt of becoming the homecoming queen? And how often have we dreamt of being wealthy,…

It’s Time to Be Everything You’re Meant to Be


Life Purpose – Are You Where You Should Be? Every time I take a step back and look back on my life, I often remember the so the many of times that I thought I was being rejected from something good purely because I wasn’t good enough. However, the plain truth is often that I was in fact being redirected to something…