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Life Purpose Matters is looking for inspiring and educational articles written by experienced professional and talented writers to contribute to our community. If you are interested in writing about your personal experience and how you overcame, a tutorial, have discovered something which inspires you and wish to write about it then you may send it to us for consideration.

Our aim is to cover an array of subject areas within the design of our community, which includes however, writingnot restricted to inspiring articles, tutorials and resources. Your content should ideally aim to inspire and motivate our community to positive steps towards improving their lives as they live a purposeful life.

Consider our present category listing to determine that which you should cover. If a particular category is of interest to you but it’s not already covered by us, we are available for discussion.

All content articles must be unique and never published anywhere else. All articles will be reviewed by our editorial board upon submission and published at the next available opportunity should it be suitable.

Our Requirements

1.  Authors Information:

    • Full Name / Username: depending what name you want shown within the author byline.
    • Email Address: It must be valid and registered with Gravatar for author image thumbnail purposes.
    • Bio: A short piece of text giving a little bit of background information (e.g. who you are and what you do). You are allowed one (1) non-commercial link. This can be back to your blog or Twitter.

2.  Submitting Content

    •  Content submissions can be sent to the Life Purpose Matters editorial team in a Word document (must be a .doc file) OR Plain Text 
    • Ensure you have permissions to any image you supply and images from Flickr or any other photo service must include links to the owner. Maximum width of images is 600px.
    • Images can be provided and uploaded by the Life Purpose Matters editorial team. 
    • Your article must contain minimum of 600 words in order for it to be educational and inspiring to our readership. 

Additional notes

Upon submitting your guest post, you accept that the Life Purpose Matters have permission to edit, remove or add content, images, links and video to your guest post prior to publishing.

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