Making Sound Judgment While Seeking Moderation in All Things

Seeking Moderation in All Things

Whilst making the world a better place to live, we human seem to have neglected the term ‘moderation’. Looking around today, one cannot help but notice how easily one can comfortably get trapped in pursuing more of everything we enjoy in life. People eat more than they necessarily need; we watch far too much television… talk less about the time we spend on our mobile phones and so on! There is no doubt that getting back to a lifestyle of moderation is an unquestionable path to a happier and meaningful life.

Take a look at the life you live and if you believe there are areas where you need to achieve balance in your life, then this post is for you as you embark on a habit of making sound judgement while seeking moderation in all things

General Principles of Moderation

1.   Develop good habits.

It is so easy to go over board when it comes to moderation, therefore be moderate about moderation. Without overwhelming yourself, begin with simple daily choices that will help you build a strong foundation. For example, miss out on that usual second helping of dessert, or clear out your wardrobe before you even think about buying any more clothes, shoes or bags.

2.  Be adaptable.

Trying to evaluate your morals can sometimes become a rather complex task; you therefore need to have an open mind in finding new approaches to usual predicaments such as clashes with your in-laws or sticking to your weekly or monthly budgets. Asking for feedback from others whenever you create solutions that work for you will help you in maintaining focus; be ready to make corrections when necessary.

3.  Develop a more mindful attitude.

There are probably wealth of pleasures that surround you but you’ve never noticed, tune in and become mindful of such. For example, cherish the smell of your morning coffee as you listen to the birds in your back garden welcoming the dawning of a new day. Notice that morning smile your neighbour gives you every day…take time to say hello.

4.  Discover the principle of familiarization.

Are you aware how our brains work when it comes to habituation? Well, when our brains get used to the same old stimulation, it eventually stop responding. This is the main reason why the excitement over a new car can disintegrate so quickly. When you develop a good character and spiritual abilities you can be sure they will last very much longer.

5.  Defer gratification.

Successful people will tell you that in their earlier days they put off gratification. By so doing they increase their patience and also develop a likeness to the feeling of anticipation. Therefore by delaying gratification, you will develop one of the most effective skills for success in life.

6.  Pamper yourself.

Don’t be fooled! Self-control is not the same as self-denial. You can enjoy life and have a good time with self-control but self-denial will restrain you from doing such. Therefore, treat yourself but for example; just buy the pair of shoes you really love rather than going home with a shopping bag full of shoes and looking like you had bought the whole shoe store!

7.  Live a life worthy of emulation.

Most times we live our lives without thinking about the impact on others. You may not believe it but somebody somewhere is (or will one day be) looking up to you. Living a life that is worthy of emulation when it comes to moderation will not only help you become a better role model but will undoubtedly make your personal experiences very rewarding. By looking at your lifestyle, your kids will learn how to live well and find true happiness within. Obviously, you may need to explain what you’re doing if your new-found sense of moderation requires you to change some old habits and house rules.

How to Apply Moderation in Specific Circumstances

 1.  Watch what you eat.

A lot of people these days indulge in the so-called “crash diets”, however, the truth is that this type of diet can destabilize your health. Moreover, most people gain back more weight than they lose in the first place rendering their efforts useless. Maintain a healthy diet by creating a nutritious eating plan that fits your lifestyle.

2.  Enhance your friendships.

Good friends are hard to find these days, if you have one or more, cherish them. To promote true harmony, be a good friend by acting kindly and respectfully towards others whilst fulfilling your own needs. Be very mindful who you introduce as your friend….they say “friends of the same feather flock together.” Also, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.”!

3.  Be money-wise.

Just because you have money, may be lots of it does not mean you should spend just anyhow. Rich people are very careful about the way they spend their money, yes they take risks but they do not waste. Ensure you have a good and sensible financial planning that will help you to be wise in your spending, saving and investments, in accordance with your level of personal income level and net worth.

 4.  Be a risk-taker.

This is the lifestyle of the rich and successful entrepreneurs: they take risks! If you want to get ahead in life, you have to start venturing beyond your comfortable boundaries. By all means always make a careful assessment of risks and the benefits involved in order to protect yourself and loved ones from the effects of rash decisions or missed opportunities.

 5.  Be time conscious.

Time is money and also time waits for no one; once it’s gone, it’s gone forever! Don’t be found idle; wasting time and never allow other people to waste your time for you. We live in the internet age, unless you are doing something productive online, be very careful how much time you spend in front of a computer. Use your leisure times to grow closer to family and friends and develop yourself by reading or listening to personal development audio cds. Switch off the TV sitcoms, they do nothing for you but keep you bound to them! Set time limits on video games and web surfing.

6.  Develop positive self-value.

Most often people overdo things because they lack self-esteem and so live their lives trying to please others. When you have a strong sense of self, you will value yourself so much so that you will not have a problem with being modest and excessive vanity will be a thing of the past. Applaud what you have achieved in life so far and acknowledge you do not know it all and keep learning.

Keeping away from a lifestyle of extremes is a great way to live our lives as we go about our daily activities. Applying moderation in all that you find yourself doing will help you to better enjoy the blessings of life and it will also create room for more good and better things to happen your life…your life will attract and be like a magnet to good things!

About the author: A wife, mother, worshiper, writer and a business woman of integrity. An advocate for life purpose and passionate about women living their lives to the fullest and on purpose – making impact… having fun whilst earning a living. Remi Badozi is a life purpose coach who empowers women to live purposeful and leverage the power of the internet. Founder and creator of Life Purpose Matters.

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