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Critical Thinking: Do You Have The Skill?

Critical thinking is the capability of pondering and reasoning clearly and rationally. It involves the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking. People that possess critical thinking skills are often able to understand logical connections between ideas.

Most employers now seem to directly or indirectly insist on critical thinking. It is more than a talent; a great component for achieving great success and enjoying a valuable life.

It’s kind of tricky trying to illustrate critical thinking, however, in a nutshell, it is simply thinking about thinking. You begin to comprehend the real principle behind life experiences, rather than simply memorizing details. You also acquire more knowledge as forming a perspective allows you to store additional information that may be of use later. Give yourself lessons on critical thinking with the short guide below:

Comprehending the Essentials of Critical Thinking 

  1. Collect Evidence

Compile facts to back your conclusions.  Seek advice from different sources, including your own individual experience and scientific studies. Gathering a huge collection of concrete evidence will assist you in creating an intelligent view. 

  1. Test Your Reasoning 

Oppose your personal opinion. Make believe that you belong to the opposing side. Search for feeble points in the way you reason that may require you to deal with.

  1. Deal with Emotions

Emotional reactions normally formulate our thoughts. Feelings enhance our experiences and offer us security from dangerous circumstances. Critical thinking assists you to control your emotions. You can accept your feelings while opting to act constructively. 

  1. Query assumptions

Analyze data. Examine ideas closely which you take lightly or views by figures of authority. Just because someone is in a place of authority does not not mean they’re always right. When you analyze their opinion, do they pass the test? Also keep in mind how traditional knowledge alters at times. Not many people accept the planet is flat any longer.

  1. Maintain Relevance

Make sure that the facts you have are applicable to the matter you are thinking of. Keep yourself up to date with current affairs. Avoid anything or anyone that may cause you distractions or diversions.

  1. Look for Other Options

Acknowledge that the world is complex. Be flexible to various understanding of similar proof. Are you willing to alter your opinion when new information is availed?

  1. Work Harder 

By this time, you have noticed that critical thinking is tedious work. Your prize will be a feeling of additional self-assurance and making decisions which are more intelligent in your private and professional life.

Applying Critical Thinking 

  • Watch the News

Make comparisons on how various websites and networks report on similar occurrences. Listen to Republicans and Democrats illustrate a contentious section of legislation.

  • Assess Entertainment

Question yourself on the reason specific films and TV programs attract you or make you uncomfortable. It might be that you worry about the characters or feel troubled about their behavior. Take notice of the way commercials attempt to trigger emotions about cars or goods such as diet soda.

  • At Work, Suggest Solutions conducted a study and discovered that double the number of job ads requested for skills in critical thinking nowadays, in comparison to 2009. Make an impression on your boss by offering a sensible solution to getting a new and cost effective paper supplier or how to ensure the phones are manned at lunch time.

  • Develop a Decision Template

Deal with difficult decisions using a template which lists the key elements and their significance to you.  For example, a job near home might make you more content than taking a larger paycheck home every week.

  • Solve Arguments 

Solving arguments will enhance your influential strengths. For example, you can point out to your spouse the advantages and disadvantages of renovating the entire kitchen or simply purchasing new cabinets. When you’re able to solve people’s argument, they will be impressed by your research and agree quickly. This will quickly make you a “go to” person.

  • Hold Detailed Discussion

Venture further than small talk. While a “Yes” or “No” can be reasonable answers to a question, however when you are able to elaborate on your reasoning, you will gather much respect for your opinion. Listen and show interest in what others are saying. Make queries to assist you to comprehend their stand. Keep your preconceptions aside for some time and make an effort to be neutral.

  • Meditate Everyday

Meditating daily gives you a great and a perfect chance to coach yourself in critical thinking. Find out your priorities and pursue them rather than permitting exterior duties to occupy your time.

Discover more meaning and contentment in life by enhancing your critical thinking abilities. As Socrates recommended, a life which is examined merits living!

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About the author: A wife, mother, worshiper, writer and a business woman of integrity. An advocate for life purpose and passionate about women living their lives to the fullest and on purpose – making impact… having fun whilst earning a living. Remi Badozi is a life purpose coach who empowers women to live purposeful and leverage the power of the internet. Founder and creator of Life Purpose Matters.

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