3 Vital Steps for Mending a Broken Heart Following a Breakup


How to Mend a Broken Heart…


 “Until this moment, I had not realized that someone could break your heart twice, along the very same fault lines.”
Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

A broken heart is a feeling that’s often brought about by shock as a result of substantial emotional or physical stress. The stress could be as a result of someone close to you letting you down, relationship breakdown or bereavement.

The pain we experience when a relationship ends with a person we love can be excruciating. Common signs of a broken heart are experiencing physical pains and aches inside the heart and body.

Signs of grief can disrupt your health, state of mind and capability to carry on with your day-to-day life!

If you are going through the impact of a broken heart, you may be tempted to go into denial in regard to your feelings or isolate yourself from others, to avoid them getting close enough hurt you once more. But, withdrawal and denial are fruitless strategies.

Fortunately, some steps are available which you can take to assist you to mend and move forward, despite the length of time which has lapsed since you broke up.

Put these Strategies into Practice Today, to Start the Healing of Your Broken Heart

1.  Eliminate every contact and get rid of all reminders of your ex love

Mementos from the life you shared can hinder you from moving forward. In the similar way that a physical wound cannot heal if you continuously peal at the scab, clinging to anything which is a reminder of your ex is just going to extend your agony.

  • Give away your ex’s possessions. If they do not require these items any more, give them away to a charity or thrift shop which accepts second-hand clothing and similar products.
  • Keep away gifts, love letters, pictures or anything else which makes you remember your ex. Keeping these reminders away will assist you to stop dwelling on past happenings.
  • Do not forget your digital  and online profiles. Erase each text, email and picture your ex sent you and remove their data from your devices.

Communicate with members of your family and friends and inform them that the relationship is ended. Request them not to mention your ex. In case your loved ones have difficulty complying with your request, you might have to avoid them for some time.

  • Stop visiting the places you visited as a couple.
  • By eliminating the physical reminders of the life you had together, you are virtually clearing out your mind and heart as well. This will facilitate your growth and the creation of a new life for you.

 2.  As you mend, look out for your wellbeing.

It might be appealing to immerse yourself in your work or bury your sorrows in excessive food and liquor. However, destructive escapes will just make you feel worse.

  • Consume healthy foods and think of enrolling in an exercise class which assists you to interact and at the same time release extra energy and get fit.
  • Begin a new hobby. Ideal choices are joining classes to gain knowledge in a new skill or language or volunteer at a school nearby or charity.

3.  Keep your cool when you encounter your ex. 

If you reside in the same city, it is probable you will run into your ex at some point. Get ready for this possibility to enable you to cope effectively. Concentrate on your breathing and ensure any communication is short and polite.

It is not easy to heal from a broken heart; however, putting these strategies into practice will assist you to start the process. When you manage to mend your broken heart, this sets you free and you become ready and powerful enough to love once more…this might even be sooner than you expect!

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