What Is The Meaning of Life? How to Tap Into the Power of Your Purpose

Are You Tapping Into The Power of Your Purpose?

If I may ask you, “what does LIFE mean to you? What exactly is the meaning of LIFE?” About a couple of days ago, while at the airport I overheard a young girl ask her father the same question, she kept rephrasing the question, I guess to ensure her father really got it! I sat there in anticipation and listening tentatively to what the father had to say.

Personally, I don’t think there is a wrong answer to the question.

You can only describe life as the way you know it… the way you live it or the way you would like it. The meaning of life is one of those sought after quests that can never truly be answered. There are just too many opinions and personal definitions for any one meaning to be true for everyone.

Similarly, there are particular subjects in life that can simply never be fully described with mere words, such as true love and true self. Some will say that discovering the meaning behind true love and your true self is the meaning of life.

What do you think?

While you might feel a bit confused, you can start to find meaning in your life by discovering your true purpose. Your purpose is a true definition of what your life is, it is the reason why you were placed here on earth – to live a purposeful life sharing your gift with the world and making impact.

When you look around you today, you cannot but help notice that our world is packed with so many challenges that are required inpower of purpose summit order for us to grow. More also, we are so advanced in technology and I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say we are in a “Digital Age”  – we are so saturated with content, our times are over-occupied with things we are doing or are to do…the distractions, when you think about it are simply mindless!

The “Digital Age” is basically a modern-world recipe for feeling overwhelmed, indecisive, isolated, frustrated, dazed or burn-out.

You’ve probably experienced some of this in your own life – I know I have. What is the antidote? The antidote is a central tenet in nearly every spiritual teaching. It’s serving others — using our gifts, passions, and creativity to serve a purpose bigger than ourselves.

So the question is: are you giving your purpose to the world fully?

Even though many of us are already hearing the call towards living with a greater sense of purpose, we may struggle with defining and empowering our purpose, with finding that “right place” to serve, and how to move into purposeful action.

If you want to discover your power and creativity through your purpose, I’m so excited to let you know about a FREE 5-day online global summit that is focused on providing the tools and inspiration to help you clarify or deepen your purpose and be a force for good in the world. A fired-up change-maker. The summit is called The Power of Purpose Summit.

Join with more than 25 purpose experts, including Ken Wilber, Dan Millman, John Gray, Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood, Bill Plotkin, Claire Zammit, Charles Eisenstein, Tim Kelley, Susan Bratton, and Richard Leider, who will be sharing their personal stories, as well as insights, practices and techniques that will guide you toward fully claiming and acting on your purpose. The summit is hosted by Christopher Kyle, creator of the Power of Purpose Summit, and Marci Shimoff, #1 NYT best-selling author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason.

Being disconnected from our purpose can result in a host of challenges: withdrawal from the world, withholding of gifts, “numbing out” to life, downplaying authentic power, and much more. On the other hand, people who are serving others with their purpose, with their passion and gifts, inspire themselves and others around them… ultimately finding the deeper meaning they’ve been searching for.

It’s time to build a massive global community of change-makers working at every level, and in every sector of our society. The Power of Purpose Summit will be a powerfully engaging event bringing together thousands from around the world to learn, share and grow in our purpose.

The more we support one another in fully claiming our purpose, the more our contributions will positively impact the world. So please join me for this inspirational event that runs from March 12-16, 2014 (you don’t have be there live to participate).

Click the image below to sign-up at no cost for The Power of Purpose Summit and get access to all the audio and video sessions: 

Power of Purpose Summit

Here’s to all of us living our purpose and making the world a better place.

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About the author: A wife, mother, worshiper, writer and a business woman of integrity. An advocate for life purpose and passionate about women living their lives to the fullest and on purpose – making impact… having fun whilst earning a living. Remi Badozi is a life purpose coach who empowers women to live purposeful and leverage the power of the internet. Founder and creator of Life Purpose Matters.

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  • Erik Emanuelli March 3, 2014, 12:59 pm · link'; ·

    Hi Remi,
    you shared an inspirational post here.

    What is the meaning of life? A deep question.
    I should say being happy. And with that I mean the happiness of having a family to love, friends to share happy time with and doing in your life what you desire more.

    I think the internet has its positive and negative sides.
    It helps people who live far away to get in touch easily, but at the same time you can feel so lonely in the vastness of the online life.
    The truth is in the middle, using things with the right direction.

    Very interesting article, Remi.
    Thanks for sharing at Klinkk. 🙂

    • Remi Badozi March 4, 2014, 9:52 am · link'; ·

      Hi Erik

      Thanks for your contribution.
      I totally agree with you about the internet, it sure has it’s positive and downside. However, like in all things, moderation and common sense needs to be applied to get the most out of our constantly advancing technology. If used well, it will serve you well.

      I love your definition of life! Like I said, the meaning of life is a very personal.

      Thanks again for stopping by…

      Blessings to you and all yours.

  • Tria Roles March 17, 2014, 5:31 am · link'; ·

    Thats was great. Nice to see some inspiration here. My 1st day blogging and to come across this was a jewel.


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