Inspirational Thoughts: Life Comes a Full Circle


It is said that life is stranger than fiction. It surely is and can never cease to surprise the observer if he or she is paying attention. Sometimes I do pay attention and I have recently realized that Life comes a full circle.

I have been experimenting with a lot of things with my hair. All my childhood in India, my mom applied coconut oil on my hair. As I grew up, I read about olive oil and almond oil and so many other exotic and interesting sounding oils. With time, I tried them and also other things that had become famous like keratin. Then, I moved to USA after marriage. I figured that it would be cheaper to buy oils here and I was right. It definitely was. Do you know why? This is because coconut oil is considered exotic in the US and it is what olive oil is for Indians.

There are articles in newspapers and on the net about the wonders of using coconut oil. People are feeding it to their dogs to make the hair glow. I am laughing as I have become wiser. I feel that I have come a full circle. I feel as silly as Santiago of the Alchemist who travels all the way, only to realize that the treasure is hidden in his own backyard.

Funnily. Life, is also coming to a full circle as a home maker. As a child, when my mother cleaned the sink and removed the gunk with her hands, I used to find it disgusting. How could she use her hands? As I grew up, I got judgmental about other unimportant things and kept myself busy. And then, Marriage happened. I started managing my house. Life was good till one day I realized that I cleaned the kitchen sink and removed the gunk with my hands everyday since I was married, only thing is, I didn’t call it gunk but residue. The day this realization fell, I had moist eyes. It is just so interesting how we become wise with age.

It sort of makes me wonder of my choices and thoughts and attitude towards others. My most embarrassing moment is when I told someone how sad I felt to see him angry only to throw a fit in front of him the next day, I wonder what are the things that I feel bad about doing now but will not feel the same in the future.

I still have my reservations on picking my fallen hair from the drain but who knows? one day…

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About the author: Sunayna Pal, born and brought up in Mumbai, shifted to USA after her marriage. She has PG degrees from XLRI and Annamalai University and worked in the Corporate World for 5years but quit it in 2009 and embarked on her heart’s pursuits. She is a home maker, gardener and photographer and she also finds the time to write and actually loves to write from her daily life experiences. Sunayna was the Mumbai reporter for Evergreen Magazine. Many of her articles have been published in TOI, New woman, Women’s era and she is a proud contributor at many other e-magazines and sites. Few of her short stories and poems are published in anthologies like “Mighty Thoughts,” “The second Life,” “Memoirs of Love” and Rhymes and Rhythm. In her little spare time, she also maintains a blog at She is currently writing a novel of 51 stories of people who are of South Asian origin and have an experience to share of USA.

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