Top 8 Lessons You Can Learn From Your Children


No doubt most parents believe they are smarter than their children. Well, regardless of how smart you think you are, there are quite a number of lessons you can learn from them! Children have a ton to teach you. As a matter of fact, a lot of the challenging issues  that you come across in your life could be resolved by adopting the attitude and perspective of a child. Are you ready to find out the lessons you can learn from your children?

Below are some lessons to learn from your children:

1.   How to forgive

Children are very good at letting go of offences; forgiving quickly and easily. Unlike adults, a child can forgive another child within a minute of an offence. Let’s be honest here, do you easily and quickly forgive a peer?

2.  How to let your imagination run wild

Children have the ability to create a game from just about anything from a heap of sand, a piece of cardboard to even sweet wrapper. The average adult isn’t creative enough anymore to figure out how to get the last of the jam out of the bottom of the jar.

  • We live in a time of so much information than ever before, but with quite limited inspiration. The days of someone boasting about knowing more than others are largely gone. The real power now lies in discovering new ways of making use of available information. As you learn from your children, allow your imagination to run wild and be more creative with the mass of information available out there,

3.  How to be more present

Unlike an adult, when a child is taking part in an activity, their mind is focused on that activity. Adults are easily distracted and can rarely keep their minds contained. An adult may be watching a movie, but their mind is actually on something else but the movie; our minds can easily move from wondering how much the electric bill will be this month to what tomorrow’s dinner is going to be.

  • Children are imaginative, but their minds are rooted in the present moment. They spend little time thinking about the past or the future. Adults would be wise to follow suit.

4.  How to be spontaneous

Kids hardly plan out their day or week? They think of something to do and then do it until it is no longer fun. Adults do need to make plans, but a little spontaneity would be a great thing for most adults. Life presents many opportunities spontaneously and most of these opportunities will not hang around for you to make plans.

5.  How to be open-minded

Children generally make their decisions based upon their own personal experiences, which are not as many as adults.  However, adults often consider the opinions of others, the media and many others facts and non-facts before making their decisions. Adults have opinions about everything, even those things they have little to no knowledge about.

6.  How to be more enthusiastic

A trip to the park, to visit grandparents or to a fast food restaurant is usually enough to get any child excited. It doesn’t take much to make a child’s day. It will take far more to get a little smile of excitement out of the average adult. Children don’t build resistance to life as the adults tend to do. You need to learn from your children and let down your guard of defenses and be more enthusiastic about life. You only have one life…live it, make the most of it and enjoy it!

7.  How to be curious

Children are naturally curious and they will become restless until they get to  investigate the things that make them curious. This is why they constantly ask questions about how things work or why things are the way they are. As an adult, what new thing did you learn in the last week? Most adults have questions ringing in their heads but believe it’s silly to ask such questions. Ask if you need to know! Allow yourself to be curious…

8. How to keep your social circle

Children stay in contact with their friends, spend time with them, and make new friends on a regular basis. Adult often limit their social activity to spending lunch with a coworker. We live in a time of networking, go out of your way to talk to people and keep a social life. Maintain relationship with old friends… they are usually the best of friends!

Children know many things that adults have forgotten over the years. The tendency to enjoy life, feel enthusiasm, and maintain social relationships is stronger in children than adults. Consider approaching life more like a child. You can indeed learn from your children!

Share below in the comment box what you have learnt from children in the past.

About the author: A wife, mother, worshiper, writer and a business woman of integrity. An advocate for life purpose and passionate about women living their lives to the fullest and on purpose – making impact… having fun whilst earning a living. Remi Badozi is a life purpose coach who empowers women to live purposeful and leverage the power of the internet. Founder and creator of Life Purpose Matters.

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