6 Major Food Safety Guidelines to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle


Food Safety Guidelines For A Healthy You! 

Mastering food safety guidelines is very crucial in avoiding food poisoning and other food related illness. The way you handle, prepare and store food items at home can prevent foodborne illness.

Now, how often do you clear out the cabinets and fridge inside your kitchen? Food safety is a vital part of keeping healthy.

Adhere to these Food Safety Guidelines to build more secure kitchen surroundings:

  1. Regularly clean away the kitchen.

It is simple to just place the newest food buys on the shelf and walk off; however it is vital to return and clean away the cabinets. When you clean the shelves, this can assist you find expired products as well as spoiled foods.

  1. Keep Food at the Appropriate Temperature

The temperature can have an impact on the length of time products stay in your fridge. It is vital to place the refrigerator at lower than 400F. For majority of the homes, a 350F temperature is effective. The freezer requires being set differently and normally 00F or lower is ideal. 

  1. Keep Foods Separately

The raw chicken requires to be kept aside from the kale leaves.

  • It is vital to keep raw food such as meat in a separate area. Other frozen products such as lasagna (prepackaged) which only requires heating should be kept away from the meat inside the freezer.
  • Freezer bags and other bags for storage are an ideal method of separating products.
  • When cooking, it is vital to separate seafood or raw meat from other ingredients. Cross-contamination can happen on counters in the kitchen; therefore, it is ideal to store products in individual areas.
  1. Purchase a Number of Cutting Boards

You can prevent contamination inside the kitchen by utilizing one for raw meat, another for raw products and the other one for other foods. When worn cutting boards acquire many cracks, replace them. Bacteria hide in these cracks as well as small holes.

  • Regular washing of the boards might not be sufficient to get rid of all the bacteria.
  • Soap and warm water can be used to wash cutting boards.
  1. Observe Food Safety Guidelines when Utilizing a Grill

Grilling can be an enjoyable activity for the whole family; however, food safety remains vital.

  • The initial step in observing safety is keeping the grill clean. It is necessary to totally get rid of crusted food and other dirt from it prior to cooking. A powerful wire brush can assist you in cleaning the grill’s slots.
  • Various plates can assist you separate cooked food from uncooked. 
  • The utensils you utilize at the grill are important as well. Two sets can assist you to prevent contamination. When one set is used for cooked food and the other for uncooked, it would make it simpler to observe the food safety guidelines. 
  • Focus on the way you marinate. The marinade which is utilized on the raw products should be appropriately gotten rid of. 
  1. Acquire a Food Thermometer

A food thermometer can assist you to find out your cooking’s temperature.  Drawing conclusions on a roast turkey or other food only by looking can be hard. A thermometer facilitates easier maintenance of health and ensuring food safety guidelines are adhere to, such as…

  • Ground meat requires going up to a temperature of 1600F for safety.
  • Poultry requires going up to a temperature of 1650F for safety. Pork needs a lower temperature of 1450
  • Using a thermometer to test the food all through the cooking procedure can also assist you to make sure it is not overcooked.
  • Place the thermometer inside a thick section of the food for precise readings.


Falling sick from cross-contamination or expired food, is not an enjoyable experience! Assist in promoting your family’s safety and health by adhering to these food safety guidelines. Teach these tips to your children too for a better and healthier living tomorrow.

As an individual or a cooperate body that deals in food business , it is your responsibility to ensure that the food you provide is safe to eat. According to the United Kingdom Food Regulatory Government Body, you must follow the Food Safety Guidelines as provided. You must make sure you do not add, remove or treat food in any way that compromises safety.

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