Ever Wondered How Embracing Others Can Result In A More Satisfying Life?


A More Satisfying Life Through Embracing Others… 

In one day, how often do you find yourself harboring negative thoughts about your neighbor, colleague or partner? It appears to be a mechanical reaction to question why others respond, act or think differently than we would in a particular circumstance.

Normally, we consider our method of doing things the most ideal. You have a right to your personal opinions on how to do something; however, there is a method of leading a more serene and satisfying life.

It all involves accepting other people as they are. When you embrace others despite how they act or what they do, you are quietly offering them support as human beings. After all, isn’t all we really desire from others are support, concern and approval?

For a Satisfying Life, start putting acceptance of others into practice by implementing these Ideas:

  1. Keep Quiet 

Each time you notice someone acting in a manner you do not approve of, the best reaction is to keep quiet. Telling others about your disapproval rarely improves any scenario. Every one of us also has a right to act in whichever way we deem best.

  1. Appreciate that all people are different

It is not realistic to expect others to comprehend and think in a similar manner as you. Every one of us has our personal past, schooling and background influences.

  1. Appreciate Differences

Variations among us facilitate in a big way to make life very remarkable. Think of all the knowledge you have garnered from studying or listening to others who have gone through experiences you have not. Distinctiveness is breathtaking!

  1. Have an Open Mind

On some subjects, others’ ideas may be better than yours. Be capable of accepting this. Every person offers their own imaginative style to a position.

  1. Establish eye contact and offer a Smile

It is very easy to have a nice appearance on your face. When you approach others with sparkling eyes and a grin, they feel at home and appreciated.

  1. Do not Criticize, Even When Questioned Directly

Offer short, useful feedback when questioned; however, select your words with caution. People hate excessive criticism.

In case someone remarks, ’What is your opinion on this narrative I wrote?’, and the narrative is not to your taste, you might make a remark to this effect, ‘It appears as if you really put your heart in it.’ or ‘It is very imaginative.’ Remarks like this portray your appreciation of their work, despite your own opinion of it.

  1. Show Respect

Even when you are in the presence of someone you do not like for some genuine reason, it is advisable to accord them respect as human beings. Showing each person respect, portrays that you are a person who is generous and appreciative. 

  1. Think of What Your feelings would be if you were going through tough times

When we get involved in something we are uncertain of or not especially proud of, it is difficult just to overcome this situation. Place yourself in another person’s shoes.

Visualize yourself experiencing a tough time. In what way would you want others to react to you? What would you require at that time?

  1. Be conscious of the positive feelings you experience when you portray appreciation for others.

As you increasingly concentrate on appreciating others, this enhances your feelings about yourself. Experiencing a feeling of unreserved appreciation toward others gives you an affectionate and fuzzy sensation inside.


When you practice appreciation, a lot of wealth comes your way. Others will be more relaxed in your presence and view you as a real example of a caring individual. In addition, portraying appreciation might generate additional abundance for you; like more friends and business contacts. Your life will become free from trivial situations when you portray an appreciative manner toward others and you can truly enjoy a more satisfying life.


About the author: A wife, mother, worshiper, writer and a business woman of integrity. An advocate for life purpose and passionate about women living their lives to the fullest and on purpose – making impact… having fun whilst earning a living. Remi Badozi is a life purpose coach who empowers women to live purposeful and leverage the power of the internet. Founder and creator of Life Purpose Matters.

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