8 Guidelines for Creating a Good Self-Image


Achieving your full potential is determined by the formation and sustenance of a good self-image. If you have no faith in yourself, attaining ultimate success is impossible.

How you regard yourself can either be enriching or a barrier. Irrespective of what you went through as a child, previous disappointments or present level of self-esteem, it is possible for you to have a good self-image. 

Do not under rate the effect your self-image has on other sectors of your life. The way you see yourself will often times determine how much you’ll push yourself to achieve your goals. To realize your full potential, you should have self-respect and faith that you can accomplish boundless exploits. By simply making yourself more valuable, you’ll make your self-image grow.

Below are 8 powerful tips to help you create  and maintain a good self-image:

 Defeat any limiting beliefs

Consider something you desire to attain but cannot due to a limiting belief. List down in what way this belief is affecting your life adversely. Now concentrate on the extent your life would improve if you eliminate this belief from your life.

  • Form five affirmations which you can declare to yourself over and over all through the day. The affirmations should be stated positively and talk of the new belief you desire to establish.

Acknowledge every small achievement

Generating an income of one million dollars or shedding 50 pounds in weight is not a necessity in order for you to experience pride and joy. Any progression merits some form of acknowledgment. Huge achievements are the result of numerous smaller achievements.

Be totally accountable for your current circumstances

Are you responsible for the ill-treatment you got from your parents or for your boss being a waste of space? Definitely not; however, no other person will rectify the situation. You have to take charge of this. When you are completely accountable, you gain control. When you think your life is not under your control, your self-esteem becomes intangible.

Assist Others 

If each of your thoughts and actions are focused on you, it wouldn’t be long before you become self-centered. Take time out to help improving others’ lives. Prove to yourself that you are a wonderful human being. Making a good impact in others people’s lives will make you aware of how valuable you truly are.

Make a move everyday towards your perfect self

Each of us has a picture of the type of individual we desire to be. That best picture of you may appear too elusive to even think of; however, make a small stride each and every day. Every small progress will elevate your self-image. Begin today by making a list of each of the qualities you desire to possess and take necessary actions towards becoming such.

Control your self-talk

Every now and then, we all tend to have conversations with ourselves. Believe me …it’s not only you! Are your self-talk optimistic or pessimistic? Pessimistic conversations with yourself destroy your feelings of self-value. Treat yourself with kindness. Be patient, optimistic and inspiring.

Embark on your life’s major projects

If you do not have self-control, you will single-handedly destroy your self-image. Major projects can be quite scary; notwithstanding, concentrate on starting. Spare some minutes every day to handle your life’s major objectives. Gradual advancement is the best way.

 Do not Measure Yourself against Others

All of us have varied abilities and gifts. It is unjust to measure yourself against any other individuals. You will either be too lenient or too strict on yourself.

  • Rather, measure yourself against your past. Are you more successful compared to the previous month? When you are able to respond ‘yes’ continuously, this means you are on the way to enhancing your self-image.

Your takeaway today is…

Start working on and creating a good self-image from today. In spite of how you perceive yourself previously or presently, you can determine to see yourself from an optimistic view.

A good self-image is the stepping stone to contentment and great accomplishment. Concentrate on your life’s small achievements and derive pride from your advancement.
You merit being joyous and successful.

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About the author: A wife, mother, worshiper, writer and a business woman of integrity. An advocate for life purpose and passionate about women living their lives to the fullest and on purpose – making impact… having fun whilst earning a living. Remi Badozi is a life purpose coach who empowers women to live purposeful and leverage the power of the internet. Founder and creator of Life Purpose Matters.

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