Don’t Name Your Baby Until You Read This


Naming a baby may be easier for today's parents than for previous generations. There are a lot more names to choose from, and a growing body of research that suggests there are rarely any serious consequences whether you prefer Mary or Moonbeam. Until about 1800, half of all English men had the same four first… Read More

Relationship Guidance – How to Handle Your Creative Spouse


Problems in some relationships can be attributed to the lack of understanding a very creative spouse. What do I mean? Do you adore a person, may be your spouse who also happens to be extremely creative? Researchers have discovered that creative individuals’ brains differ from others’ brains; therefore, relationships can be difficult. "We've got this… Read More

How Maintaining Healthy Independence Can Enrich Your Relationship

Healthy Independence In Relationships We all have very unique definition of ourselves that identifies us as an individual. It is therefore essential that you as a person follow your own path to a fulfilled life. Often times, either consciously or otherwise, most people throw out their individuality in the name of building a relationship. The… Read More

Discover How Encouraging Your Child’s Individuality Can Enhance Their Life


A child's Individuality is any blend of attributes that identifies them from a number of typical persona. Being an individual is basically positioning you as notable. As a parent, you need to impress the concept of individuality in your child. In the environment that I grew up in, a child's individuality is not always acknowledged as they… Read More