10 Attributes of Great Leaders


Attributes of Great Leaders

There is a common argument on whether great leaders are created or born. However, one thing that is obvious is that great leaders have a number of similar traits.

The ability to lead effectively is among the most vital skills you need to develop, if you want to progress in your career. You will discover that you already have a number of the attributes of great leaders and are likely required to just enhance the others.

The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.
Warren Bennis

Below are 10 Attributes of Great Leaders

  1. Set an Example

Efficient leaders are aware that they are capable of making others deliver their best, by setting a great example. If you wish your followers to be dedicated, optimistic, energetic and involved, portray those traits every day. At the moment, what message do you think you are sending to others using the example you set?

  1. Be Responsible

Bad leaders blame others when things begin to go wrong. However, a great leader is aware that draw backs happen. He is also aware that if failure happens, the poor outcomes were due to his ineffective planning, idea or leadership.

  • A great leader takes responsibility for the results, whether good or bad.
  1. Vision

For leadership to be effective, a leader should be aware of the direction she is going. After all, you need to have a particular destination to lead to. Do you possess a vision for the future? Is the vision you have clear and simple to comprehend? Is this vision focused? Are you aware of where you are headed?

  1. Planning

You may be aware of where you are headed but are you aware of how to go there?  Can you share that strategy efficiently with your team members? Is your plan attainable and believable?

  1. Good Communication Skills

The capability of sharing your strategy and plan are vital to achievement. Efficient leaders are wonderful communicators and work further at improving their skills in communicating.

  1. Motivator

It has been mentioned that one skill required by great leaders is the capability of inflicting pain on members of the team and go scot-free. Remarkable future outcomes need sacrifice and discomfort today. Are you capable of motivating people sufficiently so that they will keep following you instead of rebelling against you?

  1. Learn Ways to Make others Grow

It is vital to make others grow to be better leaders. A good leader spares time to hone her followers’ skills. The more efficient your followers, the more remarkable outcomes you will eventually attain.

  1. Promote Confidence in Others

If people are skeptical about your success, they will not offer you their best work.

  1. Honesty

Members of the team need to trust and believe in their leader. When you say something, do your team members believe you? Do members of your team trust that you are completely dedicated to them as well as the project? When there is no integrity, nobody will trust you sufficiently to commit and adhere to your strategies.

  1. Can handle chaos

When handling large projects with numerous people, chaos cannot be avoided. Things go wrong often. Members of the team will have personal problems, there may be one or two people who are dissatisfied, plans may alter and goals can change.

  • A great leader is aware of how to quietly and resolutely handle the unforeseen and direct others through the resultant distractions.


Among these 10 attributes of great leaders, how many do you have?  Do you want to enhance the qualities you do not have? Great leaders have a number of qualities in common which you can learn and implement to improve your leadership skills. Study these qualities and search for methods to enhance your leadership abilities more.

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